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July 27, 2017, 11:39 pm

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 on: July 08, 2017, 08:17 am 
Started by evilspud - Last post by evilspud
Good god this is good stuff.

What will football look like 15,000 years in the future?  Amazing that's what.

 on: July 08, 2017, 03:54 am 
Started by Navigator2001Plus - Last post by Remington Lonespear

These good games are $3 or less
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Dragonfall (better than Returns)
Rogue Legacy
Grim Fandango Remaster
Day of the Tentacle Remastered (3.74)
Risk of Rain
Massive Chalice
Brutal Legend
To the Moon

other stuff I'm sure

edit: Door Kickers is supposed to be good

 on: July 07, 2017, 06:47 pm 
Started by Nicol - Last post by DiegoInglewood
which brings me to my next point: folks, Schumacher's BATMAN films are underrated,

 on: July 07, 2017, 04:39 pm 
Started by Nicol - Last post by du_Man
also the god-out-of-water stuff was funnier in THOR to me because Hemsworth has better comedic chops.

This is true, but it was also the one thing saving the flopping, dying fish of a middle act. (I liked Thor, but Hemsworth really had to carry that midsection single-handed)

Comparing the action to BVS, though... the action in BVS looked expensive, but it was never involving. In fact, outside of the warehouse fight (which was admittedly well done) and the cool-looking but pointless dream sequence, the action was pretty generic beneath the extreme burnt-orange-and-black color scheme. There's not really any story going on in them, they're just random punching and explosions until whatever anticlimactic finish they build to. And it's utterly undermined by the awful, stupid protagonists. Points for weirdness, but weirdness alone does not competent storytelling make. Batman & Robin is ten times as brazen, weird, and memorable as that dull, endless slog.

Whereas I actually cared about the action in WW.

I have been meaning to get to xXx iIi, though. That sucker sounds wacky as hell.

 on: July 07, 2017, 04:06 pm 
Started by Nicol - Last post by DiegoInglewood
also the god-out-of-water stuff was funnier in THOR to me because Hemsworth has better comedic chops. and the period war setting was more evocative in THE FIRST AVENGER to me because Joe Johnston is kind of an expert at that Golden Age/serial feel (Cf. THE ROCKETEER)

oh and if you think any of the action in WW looked better than the big Batman warehouse fight in BvS you're smoking the damn reefer!!! say what you will about that film, i mean its plotting was dumb as shit, but it was also brazen and weird and memorable. Lex Luthor feeding a guy a Jolly Rancher?? the piss jar?? what the fuck. with Wonder Woman there was such a strong feeling of deja vu... maybe if they had given one of these flicks to a lady sooner we wouldn't have seen all the origin clichés done to death first

i still enjoyed WW quite a bit but it has some big big problems.... i think where Jenkins most excels is the human element...the sad little chorus following the big town battle about halfway through being the best example. everybody gets a tragic character beat and the wordless exchange between Diana & Steve before they have sex is fantastic. i liked stuff like that and not so much the superhero stuff.

anyway the wokest blockbuster of the year is without a doubt xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE, a rousing tale about multicultural badasses dismantling a secretive fascist arm of the U.S. government

 on: July 07, 2017, 03:40 pm 
Started by Joey - Last post by DiegoInglewood
this has been a pretty crazy off season.... looks like the Warriors signed Duke Gooddunks, the Celtics traded away Bob 'Sixth' Mann for Johnny Threepoints and the Spurs landed Mr. Defense

 on: July 07, 2017, 03:17 pm 
Started by Nicol - Last post by DiegoInglewood
my favorite thing about WONDER WOMAN was that, despite starring a woman, its characterizations were still just as abhorrent as blockbusters with men. Germans portrayed as cackling Nazis despite the film taking place during WW1? check. taciturn Native American guy named Chief who seems supernaturally wise? got it. drunk Scotsman in a kilt? you betcha. and don't forget the horny little Middle Eastern man wearing a fez!

home run for equality this one was

 on: July 07, 2017, 11:34 am 
Started by Nicol - Last post by Kybard
Wonder Woman was awesome.

It's far from flawless, but like Donner’s Superman, it absolutely nails the main character, the love story, most of the set-pieces, and, above all, the heart, and so gets away with all manner of flaws that could have taken down most movies. (the first act, in particular, is pretty rough, but it pretty much all comes together as soon as Steve Trevor shows up) Gal Gadot is just perfect -- her physicality perfectly conveys the power of this demigoddess, but she also conveys her complexity, her naivette, her femininity, her passion and her compassion. And Chris Pine is absolutely wonderful as Steve.

The romance between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor is honestly the best love story in a superhero film outside of Donner’s Superman. Not that those are usually the strong point, but they did a phenomenal job with it.
The fight scenes are largely done in Zach Snyder’s style, but Patty Jenkins does it so much better than he does. The slow-motion bits are used to show off the grace and precision of Diana or the other amazons (something Snyder does), but it’s not overdone. Nor do the fights go on forever; they’re carefully tied into story, emotion, and stakes. Jenkins really figures out how to make that style of action scene properly kick ass.

If Warners is smart, they’ll give her basically the deal they gave Nolan: run off and do your own thing (The Prestige, Inception), then come back and do the sequels, and do whatever you want. And pay her mightily for Wonder Woman 2.

I agree with all of this, esp. how much better and smarter jenkins is than the man himself about appropriating snyer's signature style.

re: gadot and naivete -- I thought that both the script and performance do a great job of doing the funny fish out of water stuff without ever making her seem silly or stupid. it's all just great reflections of how her personality and attitude clash with the world around her: carrying her sword and shield with the dress because why would you ever not be carrying your sword and shield? and treating the revolving door as some kind of warrior's feat of agility. it all serves to make her alien but also to emphasize how powerful and assertive and self-assured she is.

tilting that tone slightly in the wrong way could easily have made that whole sequence (and others) feel really condescending, but instead it's largely awesome

 on: July 07, 2017, 10:34 am 
Started by Kybard - Last post by Kybard
i'm not into it... sorry.

fuck you :(

like I mentioned I'm going to the latest set prerelease tonight at midnight tonight. m:tg until 4 am in a room of smelly nerds yaaaay

also I think the format I'm leaning toward is actually casual-level commander, because it seems like the best format now for more social-friendly games and also encourages very stupid and funny gameplay mechanics. like this dumb thing where you try to win by throwing all your mountains and forests at your opponent's faces

 on: July 06, 2017, 12:28 am 
Started by Nicol - Last post by DiegoInglewood
i watched UNCLE SAM for Independence Day last night and the best part was that Isaac Hayes had a literal Revolutionary War cannon that shot explosives akin to bazooka blasts

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